How to Rent a Car With a Pet

Yes, we understand it. Your pet is just a regular member of your family. And there are good reasons for it. Not only that it gives you all the love as other family members do, sometimes his/her love is even better. Because it is unconditional. And always there.

So, the summer is here, and you would like to go and enjoy a nice vacation somewhere on the sea-side. But you also want more than just lay at the beach. Would you like to travel around and see interesting things around your destinations? No problem, you can rent out a car. However, if your best bud on four legs wants to go with you, you need to respect the rent-a-car pet rules.
Here are the rules for renting a car with a dog, cat or any other pet:
1. Find a company that allows it
The rent-a-car company policies are different, and you need to check the policy. Most of the rent-a-car companies will allow you to bring your pet, but some may have some limitations. You need to check it and be sure that the one that you chose will allow it.

Also, you need to be really sure. This means to check the policies, then when you make a reservation, make it really obvious while making the reservation, and if I were you, I would follow up the reservation with an e-mail checking that it will be ok that you will bring your pet.
Because you don’t want to be stranded in front of a rent-a-car with your pet and without a car.
2. Bring or rent equipment
There are several ways how you can transport your pet in a car. None of them, of course, include the pet just randomly running around the car while you drive. You can use a carrier, you can use a cage, or you can use a strap (for smaller dogs or cats).

The important question is where is the pet going to be, in the seats or in the trunk of the car. Both of those have positives and negatives. You will have to work more on the cleaning if you transport your pet on the seats, but this can also be more interesting for the pet and for you. However, on the other hand, it is probably safer and cleaner if you transport your pet in a cage in the trunk.

It is cheaper if you bring the car-transporting equipment with you. Of course, if you can, if you travel by plane, you probably won’t be able to do that. However, on the other hand, it is much easier if you just rent it. If you don’t drive around all the time, then you will be stuck with the car equipment even on days where you don’t have a car.
3. Feeding your pet in the car
Some people even don’t allow people to eat in a car. Noone should allow pets to eat or drink in a car. This will create a mess that will not only be hard to clean but probably impossible to clean.
You should always stop and feed your dog outside of the car. You know how messy he/she always is. Also, with all the liquids that are mixed in, you don’t want to mess up the car.
4. Stop often, stop for long
This is probably the most important advice for any person traveling with a pet. Not only that you should stop for feeding time, but you should also stop and stretch your pet really often. Especially during summer, when you are using the A/C, and it is really hot outside.
Every two hours it the minimum. Even more, when you do, please don’t just stop for a short pee.

You should first stop in a place, where there are shade and grass and maybe even trees. Your pet should have a comfortable place in the shade to lay down. And walk around if it feels like. So take 20 minutes to rest. Because you also need the rest, even if you don’t feel it. Look around, take some pictures and enjoy nature, if possible.

This is the four rules of renting a car with a pet. If you want a great deal on your rent-a-car. With or without a pet.


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