What makes BMW so Special?

Is the grandeur just about the car, or the entire company? Is the design, tradition, quality, reliability or brand philosophy that interests the users? This can be anything and everything – from the inner odour to the driver’s position to the colours available and even the trophy place!

If you ask 10 different people what makes the BMW brand unique, you will surely get 10 different answers. For some, this is a driving experience with BMW engineers getting into their cars, while for others, numbers and figures such as horsepower, speeds from 0 to 60, torque or MPG can seal a deal for them. BMW only serves as a status symbol for some people, while for others it is a belief in the mantra of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and a high-speed engine philosophy.

The Irresistible Features

In this sense, some are interested not only in the BMW brand because they produce great cars, but also because they do it. Some people appreciate the fact that BMW is constantly trying to expand the framework with the latest and greatest mechanical and technological fields. In this case, the idea that companies must cling to tradition and ignore all possible improvements is not a BMW account. The change from a naturally aspirated engine to a turbocharger and electric impulse pressure control are just a few

Adaptive Highlights

Adaptive headlights direct their rays in the direction of the desired curve and thus ensure better visibility and safety during winding movements at night. The sensor measures the speed, angle of the steering wheel and tilt (degree of rotation around the vertical axis) before a small electric motor is asked to turn the headlights left or right.

In addition, the adaptive headlights are only active when the car is driving away. They remain turned off when BMW reverses and when the steering wheel is turned left when the vehicle is not moving (eg when pulling from a parallel parking lot) to avoid approaching traffic.Adaptive headlights are equipped with cornering lights. 

Dynamic Stability Control

DSC improves safety by making vehicle control easier, even in bad driving conditions or on hard surfaces. DSC is the core of the chassis management system in BMW vehicles. It offers maximum driving stability and maximum grip on all wheels when taking off or accelerating. It can detect signs of overvoltage and help the car move safely even when the tire has a different level of traction.

Head-up Display

The BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly into the driver’s line of sight, so you can process driving information up to 50% faster and keep your attention on the road.It contains a projector and mirror system that transmits high contrast images that can be read clearly on a transparent windshield film directly to your display. The image looks about two meters above the lid and is therefore easy to read.

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